Transformers: Prime and Fox

If you expected great drama and a serious plot line from 'Transformers (2007)' then you must have been sorely disappointed. Though, of course, you would have been an idiot to have gone into the movie with that in mind. Dude, Michael Bay of the highly enjoyable 'Pearl Harbour', 'Armageddon', 'The Rock', and 'Bad Boys' fame produced and directed it...what did you expect? It was -- and was supposed to be -- a fun, big budget, special effects extravaganza. And boy did it deliver on those fronts.

On the other hand, if you watched the movie specifically for the special effects, Optimus Prime's voice, and Megan Fox (or Shia LaBeouf, whatever), then you must have been pretty happy with it. As was Jeremy Slater who says in his 'Big! Fucking! Robots!' review:
Bay knows he's making a movie about action figures, and this is how action figures behave: you set them up, then you make them fight. We don't need to know why the Police Car Robot is evil; he just fucking is. That's enough for me, and I'm guessing it will be enough for most audiences.

That's an awesome review, by the way. Make sure you read it.

Other people have had fun with the movie, too. Phil Plait (bless him) from the Bad Astronomy blog took the the time to talk about the differences between Hollywood physics and real physics in his review of the movie ("Still, there were a few things I want to point out, because they're fun to think about."). Fortunately, he's enough of a fan of movies to conclude:
Surprisingly, that's about it. There were lots of other little things, but nothing I remember worth noting. Despite my science review, I really do recommend seeing this movie since it was a lot of fun and the special effects were truly awesome. It's a dumb movie, don't get me wrong, but there is room in the world for dumb movies sometimes.

Nadia, of course, loved it as well. While General Motor's marketing team must have had...well, let's just say a very happy week.
Imagine you're a huge automobile manufacturing company. (Imagine harder! You're a complex of buildings, factories, offices and... Oh, never mind. Bad metaphor.)

OK, specifically: Imagine you're a marketing exec at GM. Now imagine the ginormous year-end bonus you're going to get as a result of your collaboration with Paramount Pictures and toy-maker Hasbro on this summer's Transformers movie. Are you imagining swimming in cash? Good job.

[Source: 'GM, Transformers' product placement marketing match' from CNET's Crave blog]

My conclusion, on the other hand, can be summed up into one word: damn!