Playing tug with with Nadia

Maggie gets super excited when Nadia and I get home from anywhere, and she has different ways of expressing this excitement. Usually she’ll tear out the front door when we open it, run into the yard, grab her rope toy, and want us to play tug with her, like, right, right now. If we’re not too tired, one of us usually will.


Sunny Saturday

We’re heading into a rainy work week in Melbourne, but at least Saturday was nice and sunny.

Sunny Saturday selfie (with dog).

Maggie was not amused with all my photo taking, though. She wanted me to play tug with her.

What? Oh. You’re taking another photo of me. You could, of course, be playing tug with me. Right now. With this very toy. You know that, right? Right? But no. You’re going to be boring. Again. *sigh*

She did keep chewing on that rope toy quite happily, though — with only the occasional distraction.

And she followed me indoors afterwards.

Oh, hello. You’re at my level for a change.

Puffer jacket Saturday

It was a grey, dreary, six degrees on our walk this morning — complete with intermittent drizzles. On the bright side we both to go wear or puffer jackets :)

Hers is fancier and more expensive than mine, of course. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Yes, it’s cold and wet. Yes, it’s drizzling. But I need to eat my greens.” Bonus fluffy butt in a stylish doggy puffer jacket.

Snoozing dog

One of the perks of working from home is having a snoozing dog in your eye line the whole time.

It’s a cold day and that’s a big gas heater on the back wall. Maggie is very happy.

It’s also a little amusing when you start to speak in a conference call and startle said sleeping puppy :)


Warm and stylish!

It’s important to be warm and stylish when Nadia takes you for your morning walk on a windy, overcast 4-degree day in Melbourne :)

I’m not sure how much she appreciated the coat, but she was certainly looking forward to her walk!

Happy puppy :)

Happy puppy :)

Maggie, waiting

Maggie waits outside the bathroom door for Nadia to finish getting dressed so they can go for a walk.

Maggie waits patiently for Nadia to come out of the bathroom.

Maggie prods me to get out of bed so I can take her for a walk.

Get out of bed and take me for a walk already!

Maggie decides to take a nap next to the dining table between me and Nadia because we won’t stop talking to each other after having finished lunch.

Might as well take a nap between the humans while they go on and on and on talking to each other at the dining table.

Snoozles and cuddles with Maggie

Turns out this often the first thing Nadia sees when she wakes up in the morning :)

First thing I see most mornings. #love #snoozles #mornings #dogsofinstagram #family @ameelkhan — Nadia Niaz on Instagram (Source)

Of course mornings aren’t the only times Maggie and I cuddle on the bed.

And last night. Evening cuddles are important! @ameelkhan #puppylove #cuddles #doggo — Nadia Niaz on Instagram (Source)

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