I am a musician - mainly drums, percussion, and backing vocals - and here are some of the musical things I’ve done in my life. 


I’ve composed a handful of tracks (instrumentals, mostly) but have only every finished this one. And even this I would say is a second draft. Oh well.

However, Sarmad Faraz (my former bandmate from Corduroy, see below) and I composed a couple of theme songs for a radio programme called Agahee that aired in Peshawar in 2004.

Note that these two tracks are copyrighted and do not come under the Creative Commons license that covers the rest of this website.

Band - Corduroy

From 2003 to 2004 I was the drummer in an alternative rock band called Corduroy.


In 2004 we released an album called ‘The Morning After’:


Here are some of our performance photos (from our earlier, quieter performances in 2003), publicity shots, and our album cover (right at the end): 


This was the only video that Corduroy released. I’m not in it because it was shot a few months after I left the band.