New Melbourne Tram Network Map

I love infographics and have a particular fondness for really good transport network maps. So I was very excited when, last week, Yarra Trams (Melbourne’s tram operator) launched a new version of their tram network map.

Old vs. New Map

Here’s the old network map:

Yarra Trams - Old Tram Network Map

And here’s the fantastic new one:

Yarra Trams - New Tram Network Map 2011

A little application of colour goes a long way, doesn’t it? :)

One Colour Per Tram Route

This addition of colour – specifically, the assigning of one colour per line/route – is an excellent feature that is used by the best transport maps from around the world. Certainly my favourite transport maps – the London Underground Tube map and the MTA New York Subway map – both use this visual cue. So I’m glad Yarra Trams (YT) have added it to theirs. (More on those other maps in another blog post.)

The cool thing is that YT are highlighting this change via a really good marketing campaign (or would you call this a change management campaign?).

For example, yesterday they were handing these out at the Flinders Street tram stop on Swanston Street:

New Tram Map Marketing Campaign

The information in the booklet was useful (an Android version of their awesome tramTRACKER app is coming soon!) and the jelly beans were delicious :)

Route Maps Inside Trams

YT have also gone a step further and placed colour-coded route maps inside trams. Through this, travellers have easy access to more detailed route information for the tram they’re currently on:

Route Maps on Trams

The complete network map is also available on a nearby wall, of course.

All in all, I’m thrilled with this latest instalment of KDR’s “TRAMSformation” of Yarra Trams.

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