Aussiecon 4: Day 2

aussiecon4_logo_web Thus endeth another fantastic day at Aussiecon 4. Well, at least for me. Others will party late into the night, I’m sure.

Today I:

  • bought a book: Singularity Sky by Charles Stross (which I will ask him to sign tomorrow)
  • ordered three t-shirts: one for Nadia, two for me (including the official con t-shirt)
  • attended a number great sessions

Sessions Attended on Day 2

These are the sessions I attended:

The Last Airbender: race and Hollywood cinema

  • We talked about a lot of stuff, most of which is covered on

Making a living: Professional writing for speculative fiction authors

  • Great session and I got to hear both John Scalzi (Wikipedia) and Cory Doctorow (Wikipedia) talk! :)
  • Most writers of speculative fiction (or fiction of any kind, really) need to think, work, and act like freelancers, entrepreneurs, and sole traders
  • Important things to do/remember:
    • have multiple income streams (including fallback streams)
    • day jobs can be very useful to have
    • save all the money you can
    • be good at scheduling your time
    • write every day (this is important)

The future of privacy

  • This was another great session and, in this, I got to hear Charles Stross (Wikipedia) talk! :)
  • Privacy is complicated and our concepts of privacy are changing very quickly
  • Technology is moving much faster than the cultural shifts needed to use it well

Eowyn and Sam: underappreciated heroes in The Lord of the Rings

  • This is my favourite session of the con so far
  • Everyone in the room loved Tolkien, knew a lot about him and his books, and spoke very intelligently about the books and the Peter Jackson movie trilogy
  • We talked mostly about Eowyn, Sam, and Faramir

To the stars: the never-ending history of Star Trek

  • This was an excellent session as well, especially since it included Melinda Snodgrass (Wikipedia) on the panel :)
  • The new Star Trek film was shot using the script’s first draft because it was shot during the Hollywood writer’s strike

Academic Panel: These are not the people you are looking for: race in SFF

  • This was a good panel with some brilliant panelists, including China Miéville
  • I can’t write all the awesome stuff that was discussed so, instead, I suggest you read the article that this session was inspired by: ‘Racism and Science Fiction’ by Samuel R. Delany in the The New York Review of Science Fiction

Sessions for Day 3

Tomorrow I’m planning to attend these sessions:

  • Copyright in the 21st Century
  • The best SF novel you have never read or Capes and skirts: the plight of female superheroes or QF (the SF version of Stephen Fry’s quiz show QI) – I’m having a hard time making up my mind!
  • The James Bond enigma
  • Book signing with Gail Carriger followed by Did the future just arrive? The e-book and the publishing industry
  • Cyberpunk and the city or Vote #1 The Thing for President: how cult films are born
  • Thinking in trilogies or Micro-audience and the online critic
  • Academic Panel: Fantastic females: reworking feminism in women’s fantasy
  • The Masquerade Ball

It should be awesome :)