Moby, Live in Melbourne

So earlier this month I was fortunate enough to see one of my favourite musicians, Moby, live in concert (with opening acts Kelli Scarr and Tim & Jean) at the Palace Theatre in Melbourne.

This was probably the best concert I have ever attended. Yes, it was even better than watching The Police live at the MCG on Australia Day a couple of years ago. I guess it helps that I own almost every Moby album and that I knew all of the songs he played :)

Instead of writing much about it, I’m just going to share some of the photos and video snippets that I took.


Opening number:

Opening number

Joy Malcolm and Moby:

Joy Malcom and Moby

Kelli Scarr and Moby:

Kelli Scarr and Moby

The whole band at the end of a song:

The whole band at the end of a song

Joy Malcom and crowd participation:

Joy Malcom and crown partcipation






‘Disco Lies


‘Feeling so Real’ and concert end


It was awesome.