ABC is Re-Making ‘V’

ABC is re-making the 1983 miniseries V, which is referred to as V: The Original Miniseries because it was followed by a sequel miniseries called V: The Final Battle.

V - The Original Miniseries

The remake television show, called V: The Series, starts the same place the original story did, features some of the same characters, and follows the same basic premise: “Alien visitors show up claiming to be our friends, but have a hidden agenda that has grave consequences for mankind”. Let’s see where they take it from there.

The show’s pilot stars Elizabeth Mitchell, Scott Wolf, Morena Baccarin, Alan Tudyk, Morris Chestnut, and Joel Gretsch and you can read a review of it, written by “M. Bison”, on the Ain’t it Cool News website. It’s scheduled to start this autumn in the US.

I watched this show while growing up and loved it. They’d better not mess the remake up!

Also, while researching the show I discovered that Kenneth Johnson (the show’s creator) wrote a follow-up book to the series called V: The Second Generation that was released in February 2008. Sounds interesting.