An evening with the Victorian Skeptics

So yesterday I finally attended a Skeptics Cafe event with the Victorian Skeptics :)

The Skeptics Cafe is held on the third Monday of every month at the La Notte cafe in Carlton. It’s a three-hour affair which features a relaxed two-hour dinner/meet-up (6-8pm) followed by a talk and discussion (8-9pm). About 30 people attended last night’s event during which I got to meet some of the Young Australian Skeptics folk, a couple of other newbies like me, and a whole bunch of long-time skeptics. [FYI, you can follow what went on (or goes on) via Twitter’s #VicSkeptics tag.]

Last night’s talk was by Ian Robinson, who is the president of the Rationalist Society of Australia, and was about ‘Rudolf Steiner and the Anthroposophy Cult’. Scary stuff, that. Next month is the Fifth Annual Vic Skeptics Trivia Extravaganza which should be lots of fun and, if you’re going to be in Melbourne at that time (19 May), I hope to see you there.