Average Cats

Most of you probably know that I love LOLcats and everything else on the Cheezburger Network.

What you might not know is that, in response to the LOLxyz meme, there is the brilliant AverageCats:

AverageCats is a site that has pictures of cats.

Pictures of cats on the internet are not very new or exciting things. In fact, seeing cats on the internet is an incredibly average occurrence. They practically live here.

As you may have noticed, nearly all cat pictures include captions. And these captions usually personify the cat in some way or another.

What the internet fails to realize is that most cats do not think like people. They think like cats. AverageCats seeks to remedy this misinformation by providing a helpful, pictorial primer on cats.

AverageCats uses the accepted lolcat style to explain simple truths about cats. Any humor that arises from these pictures is coincidental.

So what is an AverageCat picture like? It’s like this:

Or like this:


Check out the site make sure you read the text below the pictures as well.