5th Anniversary Sightseeing

Nadia and I like to spend public holidays and other special days doing things we don’t normally do – such as picnicking, sightseeing, and travelling. That’s how, for example, we took a trip down the Great Ocean Road on my birthday last year.

This year, our fifth anniversary [1] fell on a Saturday (24 January) so we decided to do some touristy sightseeing stuff around Melbourne.

Specifically, we did three things: First, we took a cruise up the Yarra River (which, believe it or not, we hadn’t done before):

Getting ready to see the sights on the Yarra River 

We wanted to go down-river (to the Docklands) as well, but it was too windy for our river boat to go into the Docklands harbour.

Next, we took a trip around part of the city in the Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle. We did this partly because we hadn’t completed the entire circuit the last time we’d ridden on this and partly because, like the City Circle Tram, the tourist shuttle is a free and convenient way to get from one Melbourne touristy hotspot to another.

Finally, since the river boat had failed us, we got off the Tourist Shuttle at Docklands and chilled out there – to a live African band and live video of the Australian Open – for a bit:

Entertainment at the Docklands

You can see all the photos from this trip on my Picasa Web Albums gallery called 5th Anniversary – River & Dock.

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[1] Yes, our wedding anniversary is on 1 February but, technically, we signed our nikah nama (marriage contract) on the 24 June, 2004 so we get a whole week’s worth of celebrations! :)