Dolly Parton's Cover of 'Shine'

While surfing the 'net for stuff for Collective Soul stuff I found something really interesting: Dolly Parton covered 'Shine' in 2002 and won a Grammy Award for it!

Here's what Rolling Stone had to say about what happened:
Nobody was more surprised to find out that Dolly Parton had covered Collective Soul 's anthemic breakout 1994 single "Shine" than the Atlanta band's frontman Ed Roland. "My phone rang early one morning and one of my friends said, 'Dolly Parton just sang your song on TV!'" he recalls fondly. "Apparently she told the TV host that she was doing it as a gift for her husband Carl Dean, who really loved the song."

She's done a pretty good job, too. Here's the original 'Shine':

And here's Parton's cover version:

Not bad, eh? :)