Free Tibet?!

With all the China-bashing and Tibet-praising that's been going on in the media over the last few months -- what part of not politicising the Olympics do they not get, I wonder -- it was great to listen to Brian Dunning's recent Skeptoid podcast titled 'Should Tibet be Free?'.

Dunning probably knew he was going to get bashed regardless of what he said but I'm really glad he said all of it anyway. Too many people are going around shouting "Free Tibet" without knowing the history or the details of the situation and it's really easy to take the moral (or "we are more civilized") high ground on something that, at first glance, seems very cut and dried but, once you start examining critically, ends up being much more complex.

[Note: This bears repeating: Watch Dunning's 'Here be Dragons: an Introduction to Critical Thinking' video. Teh awesome.]