Roz Rows the Pacific

The TWiT Netcast Network just launched a hugely inspirational new show called 'Roz Rows the Pacific'.

The show is about Roz Savage, a former management consultant and investment banker who, at the age of 34, "decided she'd had enough of her conventional London existence and wanted to do something special with her life" so she bought a rowboat and rowed solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Okay, so it wasn't quite as simple as that but you can read more about that journey of hers on her Wikipedia page or on her own website.

Now, though, Savage is rowing solo across the Pacific Ocean -- from the US to Australia -- and, if she succeeds, will become the first woman to have done so (she was the 5th to row across the Atlantic). She left San Francisco on 25 May, 2008 and hopes to arrive at Cairns some time in 2010. Yes, that's 2010.

During that journey, Leo Laporte will be talking to Roz three times a week on the RRP netcast so you can follow her progress there and, of course, on her website.

Funny thing: before she left, Laporte gave her an iPod full of books from In the last episode of TWiT, he mentioned that it had taken her just three days to get through all of 'Bleak House' so I'm not sure how long that's going to last! :)

I wish Roz all the best and hope she has an awesome journey.