A Quest for Cheeseburgers in Melbourne

Last week's Munchcast was all about geek food. That is, the almighty cheeseburger. Now I love burgers -- making them, eating them, and trying out different kinds -- and that got me thinking: what is the best cheeseburger in Melbourne? Naturally, I turned to Google for the answer and, as it happens, a lot of people have a lot to say on this topic.

Global Sources of Information

For starters, according to the World's Greatest Hamburgers website, the 9th best burger in the world is from Kermond's (in Warnabool, which is just outside Melbourne) while the 14th best is from Andrew's Burgers (in Albert Park, which is a suburb of Melbourne).

Local Sources of Information

Meanwhile, back in 2005, The Age had a whole spread on the best burgers in Melbourne (both rural and urban) which is still probably pretty accurate. Then, in 2007, a number of blogs and bloggers weighed in on the debate:

Finally, a Quest...

However the most comprehensive, scientific, and up-to-date listing of top-quality burgers in Melbourne is on the Burger Quest website. Their reviews rate burgers on a star rating (1-5 stars) and six burger joints get top honours, though two of those have since closed.

So, it is now my quest to have at least one burger from each those places during my stay in Australia (i.e. the next 3-4 years). I've already had burgers from Burger Edge (6 stars) and Grill'd (5 stars), both of which were awesome, so I'm off to a good start. Now for all the rest...

I suspect I'm really, really, really going to enjoy this quest :)