Signed Up With

I wrote about a few weeks ago: that I was impressed with it and was considering signing up for its paid service. Well, after listening to it regularly for almost two months now I went and signed up with it today and, guess what, I'm even more impressed!

Why? Well:

  • The higher-quality audio makes a big difference
  • The player interface is much cooler and you can do many more things with it (more than just skip to the next track in the playlist)
  • I like that I can create channel blends (to play different kinds of music at the same time) as well as playdecks (which are custom playlists)
  • I like that I can both 'favourite' and 'block' songs and artists
  • I like that I can see the next/previous five songs in the my current playlist
  • Importantly, I love the music discovery benefits that you get from a radio station, particularly one that's tailored to your specific tastes and moods

The best part is that it doesn't cost much: US$4.95 per month or $26.95 per year.

So, if I was highly recommending earlier, I'm even more highly recommending it now!