It costs as much as a high-end tablet PC (AU$3,890) but the 21.3" Wacom Cintiq is one heck of an LCD screen that also has on-screen pen input capabilities:

21" Cintiq LCD Screen

Of course, that model is designed specifically for creative uses. I'd probably end up getting the 17" PC-720 instead (AU$2,195):

17" PL-720 LCD Screen

Or, at the very least, the 15" DTI-520 (AU$1,760):

15" DTI-520 LCD Screen

Or maybe I'd compromise and get the 20" wide screen Cintiq 20WSX (US$1,999), though that's not available in Australia yet:

20" 20WSX LCD Screen

Ah, choices, choices.

Of course, all this has to wait till I've made my millions.

Soon, soon...