So…I Have Tonsillitis

After waiting three days with (increasingly) inflamed tonsils I finally went and saw a GP this morning and what I'd begun to suspect is now official: I have tonsillitis.

Why did I wait three days before visiting the GP? Because inflamed tonsils don’t necessarily mean tonsillitis, and since I didn’t have any of its usual sings and symptoms, it could have been a viral infection that I wouldn’t have been able to medicate anyway.

As it happens, I started developing some of the symptoms by yesterday afternoon. Fortunately, by then I’d already already made an appointment with Dr. Michal Lum at the Metropolitan Medical Centres Carlton so that was that.

Now I’m on a 12-day course of penicillin (specifically penicillin V) and am taking iboprufen for the inflammation. Here’s hoping things gets better quickly because this is turning out to be quite painful and I’m feeling rather miserable. Such is life.