New Keyboard

I spend a lot of time on the computer and do a lot of typing so, as you would expect, keyboards are very important to me. Unfortunately, the keyboard that came with the new desktop PC that I bought was terrible. It was loud and clacky, it wasn't very comfortable to type on, its multimedia keys were both irritatingly-placed [1] and only minimally configurable, and its Home-End and Page Up-Page Down key pairs were in a non-standard location.

So today I finally got sick of it and bought myself a nice, comfortable keyboard that I am really enjoying typing on. I got the Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 which is comfortable, well-designed, completely configurable (if you download the IntelliType Pro software that goes with it), and low-cost. I've used it in the past so I knew what I was getting though, in general, all of Microsoft's hardware products are pretty awesome.

Ah yes, life is good.

[1] For example, its sleep button (which would put the computer into the new Vista sleep mode) was located in the top-left corrner where you would normally find the Escape key. It took me a whole week to stop putting the computer to sleep when all I wanted to do was close a dialog box! Most irritating.