Toshiba M700 Now Available in Australia

The Toshiba M700 -- currently my first choice tablet PC -- is now available in Australia from various Toshiba Resellers. Unfortunately, that's an off-the-shelf unit that is less powerful, non-configurable (except for a RAM upgrade), and higher priced than the models available in the US.

Fortunately, you don't have to order it from there. Thanks to the good folk at Tablet PC Review forums, I've discovered that you can order a higher spec-ed machine from the US and have it shipped to Australia for a considerably lower price from Portable One.

Also on those forums is a good hands-on comparison between the Fujitsu T4220 and the Toshiba M700 -- one in which the Toshiba comes out in front. Mostly covered in that comparison are the five reasons why the Toshiba has recently trumped the Fujitsu as my first choice tablet PC: the M700 has (1) a faster processor, (2) a wide-screen display, (3) a backlit LCD display, (4) a touch screen, and (5) the option to upgrade to a 7,200 RPM hard drive. The inclusion of a webcam is a bonus.