Of Tea and Tetris

Tea and Tetris are the master keys to my life.

Let's take tea first. What do I do to wake myself up? I have a cup of tea. What do I do to relax? I have a cup of tea. What do I do when I'm tired, I've eaten too much (or too little), I'm watching TV, am on the computer, or am working? At the start and end of things? In order to celebrate? When I'm getting really to have a really good discussion with someone? Or even when I have nothing to do? I have cup of tea. Tea is a constant. Tea is everything.

Yes, coffee, Pepsi, and Coke are all valid alternatives -- and they're sometimes exactly what I need and want -- but there's nothing quite as smooth and gentle, yet strong and powerful, and as...default as tea. Meanwhile, coffee can be bitter, harsh, overly strong, really weak, or really milky while carbonated drinks can be sharp and over-carbonated. And yes, tea can be weak or milky...but, dammit, cold or hot, milky or not, tea it's tea!

Oh, and if you want something even smoother and gentler than black tea, there's green tea, other types of tea (English breakfast, Earl Grey, etc.), and many, many flavoured teas to choose from.

Then there's Tetris: the be-all and end-all of work life. What do I do to energize myself for work? I play Tetris. What do I do to relax my brain? I play Tetris. What do I do when I'm on the phone, in order to stay awake, while I'm uploading/downloading large files, while listening to a podcast, or simply to mitigate boredom? I play Tetris.

Tea and Tetris: what would I do without them?

Thank you China/Burma/India and Alexey Pajitnov.