Newly Discovered News Feeds

I've already written on this blog that I love Google Reader so you know that I'm into news feeds (lots of them!). What is really cool on the Internet these days, though, is the number and variety of sites and services that are starting to offer them.

There are, of course, the obvious ones:

That is, sites that feature dynamic, regularly updated content.

And then there are the less obvious ones. Much to my delight, the two that I've recently discovered are:

  • Facebook, which gives you an RSS feed of your friends' user statuses (so you can find out what they're up to without having to log in and you don't miss anyone's status update)
  • Flickr, which gives you a feed that contains the latest pictures uploaded by a particular user

Both are really useful and I'm glad they're there. Thanks, people!

Now if only sites like Ain't it Cool News,, and McSweeney's would start offering news feeds too. Some day.