Seven Wonders of the IT World

I have a lot of small bits of information to share today. I guess I'll do it in bits and pieces (i.e. in separate blog postings). Here's the second tech-related one of the day.

CIO Magazine recently published an article on the Seven Wonders of the IT World and it makes and interesting read. A couple of the wonders are more "what a cool place for a computer to be" type wonders: the computer closest to the north pole and the computer farthest from the Earth. Three have to do with raw processing power: one of Google's data centers, the largest grid computing project, and the world's fastest supercomputer. One has to do with smallness: the smallest computer to run Windows Vista. And one has to do with computing: the paradigm change brought about the Linux kernel. They're all truly wonders (or, at least, CIO's definition of what makes a "wonder") and, like I said earlier, the article is good to read.

Have you noticed, though, that more and more we like readings things that have are neatly listed, categorized, and ranked -- basically, things that we can digest quickly and, er, chicken nuggets. Oh well.