Typography in HP&OTP

I love typography (and everything that goes along with it). In fact, the only bit of artistic drawing that I can do is related to the shapes and styles of words and letters (or, more generally, simple geometric shapes). Typography is also a large part of my work (website design). As a result, I visit typography websites (such as Typographica.org), subscribe to design blogs, download and experiment with lots of fonts, use lots of fonts, and so on. Over the last couple of weeks, I read a couple of interesting articles on the use of typography in Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix (HP&OTP) movie that I thought I should share:

The first is by Design Observer who says:
But it's not just the villains who pull focus, for this most recent theatrical release includes an even more pronounced paradigm shift: it may just be the first film in which letterforms, once the purview of the production designer, break free and actually join the cast.

[Source: http://www.designobserver.com/archives/026935.html]

And then Perez-Fox goes on to say:
In Order of the Phoenix, the wizarding world is engulfed in a sort of media war. Since Voldemort is still underground, most of the dramatics are surrounding slander and perceptions, rather than gunslinging, so to speak. So it is fitting the wizarding paper of record, The Daily Prophet, gains a life of it’s own, and really tells the story better than ever before

[Source: http://www.perezfox.com/2007/08/10/the-typography-of-harry-potter/]

They're good articles and, if you're into this type of thing (haha, I made a pun!), be sure to check them out.