Splitting This Blog?

I don't blog enough. One reason for that is that this blog isn't about one, specific topic. It is, as its name implies, about random things. If it were to be about one topic, I'm guessing I would write more because I would have a focus. Right now, anything and everything fits into this blog and that leaves things up in the air.

I am tempted, therefore, to split this blog into two. Fortunately, I don't have to kill anyone to do it. (That's a Harry Potter-related Horcrux reference. If you don't get it, pretend I never said it.) The new blog will primarily be about technology and tech-related things. That the field I'm in, that's the stuff that interests me, that's the stuff I have an opinion about, that's the stuff I want to write more about.

I don't think I'm going to do that just yet, though. I can get along for a while with just one blog, except that I'll probably start posting a lot more tech stuff in it. And it's only when the tech stuff starts to overwhelm the rest will I consider moving that to a separate blog. Of course, I have to be blogging quite a lot about tech before that happens! Oh well.