Tablet PC Links

In an attempt to confirm my status as Officially Obsessed with Tablet PCs, here are some tablet PC links.

If you want news, views, reviews (in text, audio, and video), or just generally want to know about tablet PCs, then these are the sites to go to:

If, however, you are thinking of buying a tablet PC, here are a few specific links:

And if you are a student, here are some specific links for you:

There are many other sources of information out there, of course, but those are some of the most useful ones.

Updates and New Entries

I think I'll stop posting stuff about tablet PCs now (unless something new and really exciting comes up, of course). I do, however, want to end this series of posts by saying that Lenovo has just announced the launch of the X61 Tablet which is an upgrade to its X60t (the usual abbreviation for the X60 Tablet). This version, due to be launched in June, includes Intel's new Centrino Duo chip (codenamed Santa Rosa) which increases power and battery life (especially if you use Turbo RAM) and includes the draft 802.11n wireless standard. Most cool. Fujitsu, meanwhile, has announced the launch of the T4225 which is its upgrade to the T4215, also with the new Santa Rosa chipset. And finally, Toshiba has announced the launch date (everybody loves end-June, it seems) for the wireless dock-enabled version of the R400. Fun things are happening in the tablet PC space, I tell you.

Oh, and Dell has announced its entry into the tablet PC space (specifically, the convertible tablet space) but there aren't too many details about that available on the 'net at this time. And I should mention that both HP and BenQ's latest offerings (media-ready convertible tablet PCs) are quite good too. I wonder when Sony will make its entry. I guess we'll just wait and see.