Ninety Degrees of Randomness

I didn't think I wanted to start a blog. And then, when I signed up for a Yahoo! 360-degrees account (I'm a long time Yahoo! user), I found that I already had one (as part of the whole 360-degree package). Now this was a dilemma. I don't usually sign up for things I don't use so I went ahead and made a token entry:
So here I am, typing my first blog entry. Do I really expect to maintain this blog and/or use it regularly? No, that is most unlikely. In fact, I probably won't even visit this site very often. I just don't have time for writing blogs and maintaining pages such as these, unfortunately. Such is life.

Still...I might just. Who knows? :)

That, I thought, was that.

And then, while flicking through channels on TV, I watched a bit of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Now, I really like the Terminator series (yes, even part three) but, since Nadia hasn't seen it, I can't talk to her about how cool I think it is. And that's when it occurred to me: when I don't have someone (such as my sister, Maliha) to talk to about the many, many different kinds of movies that I love, I can blog about it instead! (Yes, the word "blog" can be used as a verb). Talking out loud (on the Internet, at least) even though no one might be listening sure beats talking to no one instead. And so I started blogging every now and then on my Yahoo! page.

However, since Nadia I have gone through all this effort to make our own website, it makes so much more sense for us to host our own blogs here (she had a temporary blog elsewhere too). And so here we are.