Nadia Graduates!

Nadia finished her MA a few months ago but her official graduation ceremony was held at the University yesterday afternoon.

The 'Conferring of Degrees', as it is called, was held at the Wilson Hall, and if you look closely at the following photograph, you can see Nadia walking back down the aisle after having received her degree for the Chancellor (the dude sitting in the big chair in the centre of the stage):

Inside Wilson Hall

Note the Douglas Annand and Tom Bass mural, 'A Search for Truth' on the back wall -- yes, a naked man with a nicely chiseled butt (in 3-D, no less since it's part-sculpture) adorns the hall in which we graduate -- as well as the large pipe organ built into the top-left side of that wall.

Here are Nadia and Nuzhat, just before going into Wilson Hall (the lighting was harsh; it was two in the afternoon):

Nadia and Nuzhat

And here is Nadia once's she's gotten her degree. First showing off the arches of the Old Arts Centre (which was the original University central quadrangle in the 1880s):

In Old Arts Center

And then posing in front of the University of Melbourne logo (behind the logo you can see the quadrangle's lawn and similar arches on the other side of the building):

With UniMelb Logo

So that's that. Nadia is now a double MA: her first in English Literature and now this one in Creative Writing.

Next up: a PhD!