Pining Away for a Tablet PC

Great. A month after I hypothetically decide to get the Fujitsu T4220 convertible tablet PC over the Lenovo X61T, Warner Crocker from GottaBeMobile goes and writes about his love affair with his X61.

To make matters worse, one my classmates at MBS, who sits right in front of me in one of my classes, has a gorgeous X61 (non-tablet) that is in my direct line of sight for three hours every week. *sigh*

So now I'm conflicted over my choice of tablet PC. And this is over a hypothetical purchase, dammit! Imagine what it'll be like when I actually buy a darned convertible tablet PC! :) I guess I need to see someone using or writing about the T4220 to restore my sense of balance!

In all seriousness, though, as my current study term heads for the home stretch (less than 4 weeks to go!) I think back sadly over all the productivity-increasing opportunities that I missed because I didn't have a tablet PC this term. And there were many of them.

The biggest issue, obviously, was with mobility. There were times when I had to be moving around all day -- between lecture theatres, syndicate rooms, the library, etc. -- with a heavy laptop on my shoulder. One that is also big and bulky and so doesn't easily fit into my locker either. Then there were times when I couldn't simply whip out my laptop, whenever and wherever I was, in order to get a little bit of work done. Instead, I was forced to adjust the rest of my life around appropriate laptop-using opportunities. That is, I would schedule all my laptop-related tasks in batches because I knew the settling down would only be worth it if I had at least a half hour's worth of stuff to do. And batching is never good if you need to get lots of little tasks done during the day. However, most modern laptops would have done well on the mobility part (covering most of my needs), which is why there's the other issue.

The other issue was with note-taking and, generally, living a paperless life. There were times, for example, when I had to take complex notes in class, frequently erasing, re-drawing, and squeezing words closer and closer to the edge of my sheet of notepaper. It was only the humble pencil and eraser that saved me there. Then there were times when I had so much reading material to go through that I had to carry my reading packs in a second bag. That too in the rain! A tablet PC and a high-speed scanner like the Fujitsu Scan Snap (to batch scan all of my reading pack material) would really have helped me then.

There were other issues, of course, but those two were the biggest. I guess I'll have to live with them for just a little longer. Oh well.