Blogs About Pakistan

With the situation in Pakistan being what it is, Pakistani blogs are becoming increasingly important both to people living in Pakistan and to those of us who are stuck outside. I've already written about a couple of these blogs. This here is a more comprehensive roundup of those two and some more useful blogs. Thanks in particular to Aman from bringing some of these to my notice.

First off we have four student blogs:

  • LUMS Blog: Written by LUMS alumni about things concerning Pakistan and LUMS. I haven't contributed to this blog yet but this is the one that I'm associated with.

  • FAST Rising: The excellent FAST-NU resistance blog.

  • The Emergency Times: An independent student initiative that provides updates on the emergency situation and publishes a newsletter by the same name.

  • ALE Xpressed!: This is a personal blog that doesn't "report" on events but approaches them from a personal perspective.

Then we have the two I talked about earlier:

  • All Things Pakistan ( The intention of this blog is to "talk about [Pakistan's] problems constructively and to celebrate enthusiastically that which deserves to be celebrated". It's not a news blog, but an excellent views blog.

  • Watan Dost: This is both a news and opinion blog but is particularly good for news about Pakistan from all perspectives and from many, many sources.

And finally, we have the Metroblogging sites (the first two have more coverage than the third):

Oh, another useful thing to do is to create a Google Alert with the search phrase "Pakistan" that sends you a daily e-mail with all news, blog, web, and video entries posted about Pakistan over the previous 24 hours. You can, of course, narrow your search term down to "Pakistan emergency" or something.


A few more resources have come my way: