Tech Stuff: Screen Savers, TinyURL, UC Berkeley, Careers

A lot of people have written about a lot of good/fun tech stuff over the last few weeks. Here are some of the things I found interesting:

The excellent Smashing Magazine did a good roundup of the best screen savers available online. And, in case you missed it, they recently did a good roundup of desktop wallpapers (my favourite wallpaper site for the last few years has been Vlad Studio, by the way) and, some time ago, an extensive roundup of over 40 books for professional design and development. Pretty awesome.

Scott Rosenberg wrote about the Terror of TinyURL. I'm someone who rarely, if ever, clicks on a URL that he can't see in the browser's status bar so I know where he's coming from. And while I do understand the need for TinyURL, it does scare me.

CNET reports that UC Berkeley has now started posting entire course lectures online on YouTube (at And while the are the first to do so, they certainly won't be the last. This should be fun.

Finally, Marc Andreessen has been giving lots of excellent advice about career planning on his blog. He's written three installment (plus introduction) so far, and though he comes from a high-tech, Silicon Valley background, it makes a really great read for everyone:

Enjoy :)