Muslim Punk Rock?! Awesome!

Rolling Stone ran an interesting article a few days ago called Allah, Amps and Anarchy. It's about the first-even Muslim punk-rock tour in America and it makes a really interesting read. Here's a snippet:
There are more than a million Muslims living in the U.S., and the youngest generation is still struggling to find its place in America. "Shit changed for all of us Muslim people after 9/11," says Khan. "The best way for me to deal with it was music." The Kominas are one of the more established groups, having toured and released records. Their songs mix punk speed and attitude with Middle Eastern sounds. Their lyrics, often confrontational, are also deeply personal. In "Par Desi," Usmani, who spent part of his childhood in Pakistan, describes getting beaten up by punk skinheads in America: "In Lahore it's raining water/In Boston it rains boots."