MBA Blog Spin-Off?

I am seriously considering starting a new blog. One about my MBA journey through the University of Melbourne's Melbourne Business School (MBS). It'll cover my life during the program, the courses I'm taking, stuff about the university/school/program, my job hunt, and basically anything else that is relevant to me, the MBA, the tech industry, and Australia. I've already documented part of my MBA journey in my MBA Journal but that only presents a high-level overview of events. I want to get into the nitty-gritty details and, basically, tell more of the story.

The good thing is, should I do the spin-off, I know that I'll be able to sustain the new blog. I've started to blog reasonably regularly now and it's getting easier to maintain this pace. In fact, I have reached the "I should blog about that" stage thanks to which, whenever something interesting happens to me these days, I start to think about how I'm going to write about it in my blog!

Also, this here blog doesn't have a proper focus. Yes, it's about anything and everything that I find interesting in my life and in the world, but having a stronger focus would let me explore my subject more deeply and be more insightful about what I write. I will, of course, continue to maintain this blog in parallel.

Finally, while there are lots of MBA student blogs out there, only one other MBS student, my classmate Birgit (with Birgit in Adventureland), currently maintains a blog of her own. And even that is a more general blog about her adventures through life and around the world that it is about her MBA journey. As for our professors, only two maintain blogs: Chris Lloyd with Fishing in the Bay ("Statistical musings from an Antipodean perspective") and Joshua Gans with CoRE Economics ("Commentary on economics, strategy and more").

Meanwhile, B-Schools from around the world are embracing the power of blogging. Here's a random selection:

My blog will be a drop in the ocean compared to all of those, of course, but at least it'll be a start.

Incidentally, I was all set to convince MBS to start their own series of blogs -- authored by students, professors, and the admissions, alumni, and marketing departments -- a few months ago. I'd even written a project proposal for it. Unfortunately, I then got an internship so I never followed through with it. If all goes well -- that is, if I maintain a good blog over the course of this term -- I might propose the idea to them again at the end of this term. Let's see.

Meanwhile, let me start by thinking up a good name for my new blog. Hmmm...