And I'm Done!

And I'm done with my MBA. Actually, I was done on Friday but I took it easy over the weekend :)

This now concludes 20 months of hard work, late nights, early mornings, essays, individual assignments, syndicate assignments, case studies, class discussions, research, and exams. During this period I met a lot of great people who taught me a lot of different things. I also formally learnt a heck of a lot about many different subjects. Specifically, I took these courses during my four study terms:

  1. World of Management

  2. Data & Decisions

  3. Managing Processes

  4. Accounting for Managers

  5. Financial Management

  6. Corporate Finance

  7. Managerial Economics

  8. Economics and Public Policy

  9. Business Strategy

  10. Corporate Strategy

  11. Implementation of Strategy

  12. Managing People for High Performance *

  13. Leadership & Change

  14. Negotiations *

  15. Marketing

  16. Brand Management

  17. Consumer Behaviour

  18. E-Commerce *

  19. Information Strategy

  20. Business & Sustainable Development (half subject)

  21. Strategic Management of Intellectual Property (half subject)

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Actually, it really was.

And now it winds to a close. All that's left is my graduation on the 17th and then I can officially say that, yes, I am an MBA from Melbourne Business School, thank you very much :)

Now to find a job so I can start my next adventure...

Speaking of jobs, by the way, I received the nicest job application rejection phone call today. It was from the job I mentioned a few weeks earlier (the one I was most excited about) and, though I'm terribly disappointed that I didn't get it, I understand that the company needed to choose the best person for the role who, in this case, was unfortunately not me. Still, out of the 200 applications they received I was one of the four people they interviewed and that's a really good feeling. Oh well. Next time, then.

- - - - - - - - - -

* I received commendations from the Dean for my participation and academic achievement in these subjects. Woo hoo! :)