What a Community Manager Does

Since I've been busy these last few weeks, I've missed writing about a couple of good blog posts that I recently read.

First we have Chris Brogan who wrote an excellent post on what a community manager does:

Depending on the organization, I imagine the role of a community manager would be different, so I’m going to walk through what the role might entail for a media and events company (like mine), and see what comes to mind.

And second we have Tac Anderson who writes about the razor's edge that social media people have to walk every day:

Social media workers walk a dangerous line everyday. Everyday they walk into a battlefield not knowing what fate awaits them. One wrong word, one misinterpreted email, a delayed response to a blog comment; any of these things can start a fire storm that could ruin the reputation of the company or the social media worker.

Both are interesting and I highly recommend you read them.