Lead Time for Advertised Jobs is 2-4 Weeks

I followed up on the management job openings I posted yesterday by phoning Sean Smith from Michael Page. It turns out that most of these job openings have a 2-4 week lead time associated with them -- tending more towards the 2 than the 4 -- and so, obviously, I'm out of the running for these particular ones.

What I mean by "lead time" is that, if you want to be in the running for a particular job that's been advertised, it's best to either (a) apply almost immediately after the job is posted or (b) already have your information on file with the recruitment agency that posted the job. Of course, it's best if you occupy the top-of-mind position with the recruitment consultant that's handling that position. That way, you'll be one the first candidates they think of and try to match to the role.

I've heard from other people that other recruitment agencies -- and companies in general -- have the same 2-4 week lead time for the jobs they advertise. What that means for me is that I can't start applying for advertised jobs for another month or so. Bummer.

Let's just hope, then, that my job hunt, instead of being nice and predictable, turns out to be a brilliant and wildly exciting photo finish!