Digital Space Around Australia (BRW Report)

Ross Dawson, in his 'Trends in the Living Networks' blog, points to last week's BRW feature on the digital space in Australia and comments on how doing this kind of analytical journalism is cool in an industry that is typically hard to put down on paper:

Foad Fadaghi, the technology editor of BRW, has come to the media business from the research industry, having held senior analyst and director positions at Frost & Sullivan, Jupiter Research and IDC. This way of looking at the world results in the BRW Digital issue showing how journalism at its best is becoming a lot more like analysis, creating real value-add and insights that can’t be found elsewhere.

Why is the Web 2.0 space to difficult to analyse? Dawson answers (quoted from the article):

The costs involved in web 2.0 development are so low it has spawned a large number of small one and two-person companies that can be profitable with a small user base, Future Exploration Network chairman Ross Dawson says. This means web 2.0 development is unnoticed by venture capital and other investors.

Which makes articles like this doubly useful since there isn't much else out there in terms of hardcore research and analysis on this industry sector.