Two Management-Level Job Openings

So far, most of the job openings I've talked about on this blog have been for business analyst (BA) or consultant roles. Last week, thanks to Michael Page, I came across two job openings for project management roles that seem to suit me -- i.e. my interests, experience, qualifications, and career progression -- better.

The first is for a job with "one of the premier employers in the Information Technology and Internet space":

E-Commerce Manager

Working across various e-commerce solutions your role sees you managing and consulting across your designated countries online solutions portfolio.

This includes managing all portal products and online product streams.

And the second is with "one of the most successful and longest standing players in the web" and, specifically, for "one of the best ranked sites in Australia":

Product Manager - Web

Working as a Product Manager, you will be responsible for the day to day management, enhancement and innovation of leading products for the web. You will work with a talented team of creative and technical staff and have full ownership of a particular product stream with the business manager.

Your role will see you utilizing your extensive knowledge of the web and product life cycle management to provide best practice process and methodology across all new and existing products in your command.

I'm tempted to apply to both, even though I'm still eight weeks away from the end of my current study term. Of course, before I do that I'll phone Sean Smith, the recruitment consultant in charge of both of these openings, and ask him about the closing date and expected start date for these jobs. Here's hoping he says two months.