Social Media Presentations

One of the (many) things I'm doing these days is exploring the social media space in a lot more detail.

I've actually been a part of numerous Internet-based communities over the years so I know a great about social media already [1]. I also keep up with the latest news, trends, and studies.

Still, if you're not working on something full-time, you miss out on a lot of stuff -- like when you read the news article or blog post about the study instead of the actual study itself. So these days I'm doing some more research.

Among the many cool things I've found is this bunch of presentations on social media on

There are some that give you an overview and lots of information about social media:

There are some presentations that talk about social media from a marketing and branding perspective:

There are some that give practical advice on using social media:

And then there are some that talk about social communities:

There are many more, of course -- just click on one of the tags to see more on that topic -- but these are the ones that I found most useful (so far).

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[1] When I sat down to think about it, I realized that I've been an active Internet community member for over 13 years! Here are some relevant milestones:

  • I got very active on Usenet back in 1995 when the Internet first became affordable to the general public in Pakistan (ah, the good old days of Windows 3.11, Winsock, Netscape 2.0, and 2400 baud modems!)
  • I started my first mailing list in 1996
  • Also in 1996, I became very active in network gaming, IRC, as well as many other mailing lists
  • My first stint as a server administrator, webmaster, and message board owner/moderator came in 1997
  • By 1999, I was training people on how to use the Internet and was giving presentations to the local ACM chapter on computer network security basics [94kB PPS file]
  • In 2004, I created my band's website and message board (which was a really fun community to grow, by the way)
  • Also in 2004, I started evangelising content management systems and other web-related technologies to the development sector; in fact, here's a presentation I gave on open source content management systems [503kB PPS file]
The next milestone is being played out now; that is, I started my first sustained blog in 2007 (after having gotten rid of my first, let's-see-what-blogging-is-all-about blog about 3 years ago!).