2018 So Far

Halfway through the year! Time for a roundup.

In February I joined the wonderful West Writers Group, which operates out of the Footscray Community Arts Centre. The WWG is great community of diverse writers based in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. We meet every fortnight to discuss our writing practice, what we've been reading, and to share and receive feedback on our works in progress.

I have been doing a lot of narrating lately. So far this year I have narrated

In April, an article I wrote about the capstone subject I teach at the University of Melbourne, Encounters with Writing, was published in NiTro (Non Traditional Research Outcomes) 13: The Impact of the Tertiary Arts.

In June, a poem of mine called 'Handi' (photo below) was published in Pencilled In Issue 3: Food I was also interviewed for a piece in there by Sonia Nair about how not being able to consume certain foods interacts and interferes with our notion of our Asian-ness. You should get a copy. It's got a lot of good stuff in it.


And that's it for now. There's a lot planned for the rest of the year though, so stay tuned.