Update: Hot Desking at the Wheeler Centre

I am a fiction!

I am a fiction!

This year I wrote a novel. I shouldn't really put that in the past tense because what I have at the moment is a first draft that I spent about five months putting together in between tutoring, lecturing, teaching and generally functioning as an adult. I wrote it at home, at friends' houses, on trams, at work, in the tutors' room, in cafes - pretty much anywhere I had my computer and at least 15 minutes to spare. I'm glad I can work like that and I did get it all done, but I knew I needed to work on Draft 2 in a less scattered way.

Fortunately, I won one of the Wheeler Centre's Hot Desk Fellowships which means I get a dedicated workspace, wifi, and an environment humming with industry. I'm just getting settled in and I can't tell you how great it is to have a desk, specially one that is a decent size and clutter-free (for now). It's as exciting as opening a fresh notebook - the possibilities are endless.

Today I'm just getting set up, but from tomorrow onwards, Draft the Second can begin.

And who knows, I might even come up with a title!