New Brands in Melbourne

If you live in Melbourne then you probably know that the City of Melbourne went through a major rebranding project earlier this year:

City of Melbourne Brand Refresh

[Source: Brand New]

Since I didn't blog about it then, here's a quick catch-up:

Melburninans will also be aware that, in June, both Connex and Yarra Trams lost their contracts to run Melbourne's trains and trams (respectively). The new operators – Metro Trains for our trains and Keolis Downer EDI (KDR) for our trams – will take over in December.

Metro Trains launched their new branding scheme for Melbourne's trains earlier this year as well:

[Source: Brand New]

You can read more about that here:

KDR, meanwhile, plan to keep the Yarra Trams brand but will refresh it over the next few years.

Exciting times for brands in Melbourne, huh?