I Have a Job!

So I haven't been posting much recently. Why? Because I have a job! Indeed, as of last Wednesday, I am the Online Coordinator (OC) at Linfox.

Linfox, for those of you who don't know, is Australia's second-largest logistics and supply chain company, earning over AU$2bn in revenues last year. It employs over 16,000 people, owns over 5,000 vehicles, has over 1.8 million square meters of warehousing space, runs 2 airports, and operates out of 11 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Yes, it's big. Not quite as big as Deutsche Post, of course, but it's getting there. Oh, and it privately owned. (More fun trivia on Linfox in a future blog post, perhaps...like how it transported eight elephants last year and how, every year, it does all the logistics for the Australian Formula One Grand Prix.)

Based in the Communications department, the OC's role has two main components:

  • Project management: maintaining the new intranet portal and soon-to-be-re-launched Internet site
  • Internal consulting: helping departments use online communications more effectively

This job is also an excellent next step for my career: it puts me well on my way to becoming a more senior level web strategist/consultant and the Linfox brand is great for my CV.

Why am I concerned about how this job will look on my CV when I've only just started it? Because I'm on a three month contract so, two months from now, I'll be back to looking for another job and preferably a permanent one. Why, then, did I take a three month contract job? Because Linfox and the OC role were not to be missed. Opportunities like this do not come along often and I'm really happy to have been selected for this one.

Of course, what this means for me in a practical sense is that I have a great deal to do in the short time that I'm here. Fortunately, having come off the MBA program at Melbourne Business School, I should be able to handle the speed, pressure, and volume of work quite well. (Thanks, MBS!)  Meanwhile, the role will also give me the opportunity to apply all that I learnt from courses like E-Commerce, Information Strategy, Brand Management, Managing People for High Performance, Negotiations, and Leadership.

So here I am. Let the, er, online coordinating begin!