John Armstrong is MBS' Philosopher-in-Residence

Melbourne Business School recently appointed John Armstrong as our first ever Philosopher-in-Residence.

Though this news was covered in the press, I didn't write about it here because I was really busy at the time and figured I'd mention it later. That later came about yesterday when The Guardian published an article about it. So let me do a quick recap of the news coverage that Armstrong and his appointment at MBS have received so far:

Though Armstrong hasn't started teaching his own courses yet he did guest lecture in our Business & Sustainable Development course which was both fun, as guest lectures always are, and eye-opening, if you hadn't yet looked at consumption from that point of view before.

Now that I've graduated, however, I won't be able to attend any of Armstrong's courses. Fortunately, he has given talks to MBS alumni in the past and I hope he will do so in the future as well. Regardless, I wish him all the best and hope he makes the students graduating from MBS better thinkers, philosophers, and, ultimately, leaders.