MBA, Job Application & Work Update

Yesterday was a tough day:

  • My Brand Management final exam (on Wal-Mart) was due.
  • My Corporate Strategy syndicate had to make a presentation (on Bertelsmann).
  • I had tonnes of reading to do for Corporate Strategy (a case on the Foster Group) and Business and Sustainable Development (on social sustainability and the Bottom-of-Pyramid concept).

The next couple of weeks (yes, I have just two weeks to go!) are going to be tough too. I have:

  • One case analysis (for Corporate Strategy) and one critical analysis (for BSD) to write and hand in.
  • Two big assignments (for BSD and Strategic Management of Intellectual Property) to write up and hand in.
  • One big syndicate assignment (for Corporate Strategy) to work on, write up, and hand in.
  • Two exams to prepare for and then sit (for SMIP and BSD).

On the job front:

  • I've applied to three jobs -- two in internal communications (with an intranet focus) and one in external communications (with a social media focus).
  • I've received one rejection -- one of the internal communications ones -- and hope to hear from the other two either this week or next week.
  • I have two more jobs to apply to -- both in online strategy (one of which is really exciting) -- and I should get those done by tomorrow evening.

Meanwhile, my work at MBS is keeping me busy too:

  • I have to finish writing a major section of the training materials (for the new portal we're deploying across the school) by this evening. That needs to get reviewed and approved by Friday.
  • I'll probably start conducting the actual trainings (mostly one-to-one since I'm pretty much done with the group trainings) for that next week.
  • I've already sat with one of the departments and worked through their online communications strategy. On Friday I need to sit with them and actually start implementing that on the portal.
Yes, life is busy and exciting...and quite a lot of fun, actually (which, really, is the important part).