7 Weeks to Go: Graduation and 2 More Commendations

It's hard to believe but I have only seven weeks -- six study weeks and one exam week -- to go before I'm done with my MBA!

I started this term with five courses and two of those -- Brand Management with Mark Ritson and Consumer Behaviour with Brian Gibbs -- I'm done with. Well, except for the Brand Management take-home final exam which I hope to work on this weekend.

The remaining three -- Corporate Strategy with Geoff Lewis, Strategic Management of Intellectual Property with Michael Vitale & Duncan Bucknell, and Business and Sustainable Development with Jeremy Baskin -- start next week.


Meanwhile, today I received my Graduation Intention form (the paperwork you need to fill out if you want to graduate) and invitations to the Melbourne Business School (MBS) post-graduation lunch and the MBS Valedictory Dinner. Wow...this MBA-ending thing is getting real!

My official graduation ceremony is on 17 May, by the way.


To my surprise, I also received two commendations from the Dean for a couple of courses that I took last term. I got a commendation for "all round excellence, both in terms of academic achievement and classroom participation" for E-Commerce with Pat Auger and "outstanding academic performance" for Negotiations with John Onto. I'd received H1's in both those courses but I wasn't expecting this. Needless to say, I am feeling both honoured and, well, a little chuffed :)  Pat and John: Thanks!

By the way, last year I received a commendation for class participation in the Managing People for High Performance course with Carol Gill.

Yes...I'm feeling happy today :)