Melbourne Business School Blogs

UPDATE: I now maintain this list on its own page.

A few days ago I mentioned to a colleague that very few Melbourne Business School (MBS) students, faculty, and staff members are also bloggers (to my knowledge: two faculty members, three students, and four staff members).

Later it occurred to me that I might have spoken too soon. Yes, I had done quite a bit of research on this in the past -- which is why I was confident enough to have made that statement in the first place -- but was my statement completely accurate?

To check, I did a much more comprehensive round of research on the 'net and, whaddya know?, I found some more MBS blogs. Here's an updated, more comprehensive, listing:

Current Students



I know of three other staff members who blog but, since they haven't declared themselves as MBS staff on their blogs, I'm not going to mention them here.

Also, one of my part-time MBA class mates, who is also the CIO at MBS, wrote an blog post (don't know if he's going to contribute there regularly) so he also gets a mention:


I haven't found any new faculty member blogs so I thought I'd list faculty member websites instead. Also, since a lot of our faculty members have their publications listed at the Berkeley Electronic Press website, I've included a link to that as well:

Have I missed anyone? If so, please let me know. Thanks.