MBS' Class Profile Brochure

Now that I'm close to graduation, I've gotten myself a spot on MBS' Class Profile Brochure.

The brochure is a quick, personalized overview of the latest MBS graduating batch; i.e. not just a class profile summary of the latest incoming batch. It's an e-book with eight student profiles per page and will be available to recruiters and employers who want to learn about MBS and its students.

It will give recruiters and employers a good overview of the students who will be graduating soon (i.e. students' skills, experience levels, backgrounds, languages spoken, etc. -- more so than what recruiters can currently access) as well as a means to directly contact the students they are interested in (via e-mail).

This is particularly useful to those companies -- notably international ones -- that can't visit the campus to make a presentation or talk to students directly. It's also a great way for MBS to show off its incredibly diverse student body.

Here -- with a munged e-mail address and my Commander Khan avatar instead of my professional photograph -- is my profile:

KHAN, Ameel - Pakistani; 32
English (MT), Urdu/Hindi (Fl), Punjabi (I)
BSc (Hons) Computer Science, LUMS (Pakistan)

6 years in IT consulting & management; 4 in development, business integration & marketing of web portals & intranets

Content & Governance Consultant - Melbourne Business School
- Conducted business analysis & planned governance for new school intranet
Intranet Migration Coordinator - Shell Australia
- Conducted project management tasks across teams in Australia, India & USA
- Managed the migration of a 2,000+ page US-based intranet portal
Manager Tech & Portal Services - Pakistan Development Gateway Foundation
- Managed multiple national portals in the development & government sectors
- Managed a popular disaster relief info portal after the 2005 earthquake
General Manager; GMAT, GRE, SAT Instructor - The Princeton Review, Pakistan


FYI: In the language area, 'MT' stands for mother tongue, 'Fl' stands for fluent, and 'I' stands for intermediate user. Meanwhile 'LUMS', which is in the previous-degree area, stands for Lahore University of Management Sciences.

So, er, does anyone out there want to hire me? :)