Two Web Portal-Related Job Openings

Seek posted a couple of excellent job openings today.

The first is for a Business Analyst - Portal Projects:

This role will ideally suit an experienced hands on business analyst with solid knowledge in the area of large web portal projects. Ideally you will have had previous experience in portal projects in various corporate environments.

The second is for a Business Analyst - Web Systems Solutions:

Our client is recognised as one of the fastest growing and progressive consultancy firms in the market.  Due to multiple recent project wins, it requires the services of an experienced Business Analyst to contribute to solution design to their work environment. In this position you will be responsible for translating vision and concepts into functionality and design of web systems.

Long-term, you'll be exposed to a wide range of projects in a consulting capacity, and enjoy all the career opportunities of working for a large and growing professional firm.

Both are from the same recruitment firm (Acumen Alliance) and both sound really good since this is exactly the kind of work I want to be doing once I graduate. However, I'm not sure which of the two positions I'd apply for since the former is web portal specific while the latter is more of a general web consulting role. I'm leaning towards the latter though, technically, I have more experience for the former. I'd probably discuss it in more detail with the recruiter before going for either (or both!).

Even though I'm just over three months away from finishing my MBA, I'm very tempted to call Paul Marcon (the recruiter handling the consulting role) and talk to him anyway. I'll discuss these two roles and also ask about other, similar roles that his firm might be advertising in the future. I wonder if I should.