Summer Job at MBS

It's official: I have a summer job. I signed my contract and started work yesterday morning.

The job is at MBS, in the Information Services (IS) team of the Information and Technology Services (ITS) Department, and is a 6-8 week casual position. The best part is that it's in my exact area of interest: web portals.

MBS is in the process of upgrading its intranet offering by unifying all of its semi-independent student, staff, alumni, admissions, careers, etc. portals into one single, central, advanced portal system. I've been hired to do some advisory work in the content and content governance areas of the student portal, which is the first one being incorporated into the new system. The work that I do will probably also be replicated for the other sections as they get added.

It's funny working-working at MBS: it's all very familiar, yet completely different (particularly since I now have a dedicated work space and no longer have to look for room in the library or in a syndicate room!). Importantly, though, the work is good (and, being a student, I'll also directly benefit from it), it's more practice in my area of interest, it adds another valuable Australian work experience line to my CV, the people here are great, and I'm enjoying myself. Oh, and I get paid for doing all this. What more could I ask for?