In April 2009 I wrote a blog post on how I became a skeptic. I followed that up with a list of skeptical resources that I found useful (and still find useful) in my (continuing) skeptical journey. Since such a list changes and grows over time, I thought it might be best if I gave it a page of its own.

These are some organizations whose websites you should explore:


Here are some good blogs to read:

There are many, many more out there and they’re very easy to find.


You need to listen to the following podcasts:

Also check out Hunting HumbugSkepticality, and the Pseudo Scientists.


The following are excellent resources on critical thinking and logical fallacies:

Here are some excellent general resources on skepticism:

YouTube Channels


Here are some magazines worth subscribing to:


And, finally, here are a list of books worth reading (some of which were suggested by Brian Dunning in Here be Dragons):

If you can think of any other resources that are worth adding to this list, please let me know. Thanks.